Theory and Driving Tests

The Theory Test

Before you take your driving test you will need to take and pass a theory test.

This is a computer based test that comprises of two parts.

  • Part one is a multiple choice questionnaire with 50 questions. The pass mark is 43.
  • Part two is a series of video clips, 14 in total. thirteen have one hazard that need to be recognised, but one of the video clips will have two hazards to find.
  • Each of the video clips have a number of hazards of which you should be aware of. But finding the correct hazard will score a maximum 5 points, the points will reduce to zero on a sliding scale ( if the hazard is misjudged or missed. The most points you can score is 75, but you only need 44 to pass.
  • If you continually click the mouse you will be rewarded with a big fat red cross on your screen and the points will be removed from that video clip.
  • You need to pass both parts of the theory test at the same time. You will then receive a certificate that is valid for up to 2 years. You will need to keeps this certificate and take it with you on your driving test.

The theory test does require some home study by yourself. But NDT working with Theory Test Pro. offers all its pupils free online theory training and Nick also will do some teaching of this in your driving lessons…. Plus however much advice you need.

  • You do not to pass your theory test before you start your driving lessons – unless you are taking a intensive course –. but you should aim to do this soon after starting your lessons.
  • Nick is happy to advise you on any other self study materials (books/CD/DVDs eta) that you may wish to have.
  • Nick is also happy to do the admin and book your test for you on receipt of the booking fee, for those of you who are unsure what to do.

The Driving Test

The day has arrived… The day that you have been working for.

Yes, you will be nervous – there would be something wrong if you wasn’t –  But you shouldn’t worry too much. Because Nick continually monitors your progress on your lessons and will have carried out continuous assessments and mock tests with you.

So you will know that you can do it!!

The test day consists of –

  • Meet up with Nick at the arranged time and pick up point.
  • A drive to the test areas (Kings Lynn or Norwich).
  • A warm up lesson (nothing to stressful) and then the test its self.

The driving test will be about 40 to 45 minutes depending on traffic conditions, but if you have previously been banned from driving and now having to have an extended test your test will be around 70 minutes.

You are allowed a maximum of 15 driving faults in total (minors) but no serious or dangerous faults. If you have 4 minor driving faults which are the same, then the 5th time you show this fault it will become a serious fault.

There are five parts to the driving test.

  1. The Eye Sight Test.- Done at the start of the test. you will have to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres for a current style no.plate. eg AB18NDT, or 20.5 metres for the old style no.plate eg NDT123X.
  2. Show Me , Tell Me Questions.- You will be asked two vehicle safety questions, one (TELL ME) will be at the start of the test before you drive. the other (SHOW ME) while you are driving.
  3. Your General Driving Ability.- You will drive on various roads including dual carriageways and in various traffic conditions. But NOT on motorways.
    Pulling over – You will be asked to pull over on to the side of the road a number of times, then drive off again safely in various traffic conditions. which will include an angle start which is from behind a parked car.
    You may also carry out a hill start and carry out an emergency stop.
  4. Reversing.- The “Turn In The Road” (3 point turn) and “Reversing Around The Corner” manoeuvres are no longer tested but you are still taught them to develop your control skills. – you might accidentally take a wrong turn into a dead end, in its self not a problem provided it was executed correctly, but the examiner will expect you to be able to deal with the situation and get the car turned around in order to carry on with your test as if nothing had happened.
    The examiner will ask you to do one of the following.-
    Parallel Park – At the side of the road behind a parked car.
    Parking In A Bay – Either by driving in forwards and reversing out. Or reversing in and driving out forwards. Your examiner will tell you which one.
    Pull Up On The Right Side Of The Road – followed by a reverse back then pull away and re-join the traffic flow safely.
  5. Independent Drive.- You will be asked to drive for about 20 minutes, roughly half your test, by following either a Sat-Nav or using road traffic signs. Your examiner will tell you which one you will do.
    1 in 5 tests will not use the sat-nav . The examiner will provide and set up the sat-nav. (TomTom) for you.
    You can not use the driving schools one.
    If following traffic signs and the sign is missing or covered by trees the examiner will help you until you can see the next one.

You can ask the examiner for confirmation of where you are going if you are not sure. 

If you make a mistakes during your test. Carry on. It might not affect you result if its not serous.
If you take a wrong turn your test result wont be affected as long as you do it safely. (Don’t signal left then turn right).
The examiner will only stop you if they think your driving is a danger to other road users and pedestrians.

At the end of the test the examiner will offer you a debrief and explain your test results. – Of course as said previously there will be nothing to worry about because you know you can already do it !!!