These are just a few of the kind comments from previous pupils.

If you look carefully you might know some of them. If you do talk to them.

Word of mouth is the best advert there is.

If after your lessons you would like to add to this page then please feel free to send one via the the contacts page, call or text.

It would be most appreciated.

Please also remember that after your lessons if you have any questions or worries regarding driving issues please feel free to contact me.

Good luck with your driving, keep safe but enjoy.

Best wishes


Nick is an excellent instructor who was incredibly patient, understanding and thorough in his teaching and preparation for my test. Massive thank you to him for all his help in getting me through my test.

Ben – North Elmham

Excellent instructor very patient and calm in explaining procedures. Made my driving experience an enjoyable learning procedure. Would recommend 100 percent. Once again thank you for your professional help.

Wanwisa – Ashhill

Nick, thank you so much for being as patient and understanding with me as you have. It may have taken over a year for me to be confident, but you never gave up on me, and for that I am eternally grateful. you have not only taught me to drive, you have helped me manage my stress levels in everyday situations, by helping me work through my anxiety, as it happened behind the wheel. I never thought I was going to pass a test, let alone first time. Saying thank you to you is simply not enough, you have opened my world up to so many more possibilities. Anyone who is looking for a driving instructor, would be extremely lucky to learn from you. see you on the road and take care.

Ivy – Dereham

Well Done!

Callum – Swanton morley

Nick… I was a very nervous driver, I’d had two previous instructors but neither of them managed to settle my nerves. But you was a fantastic instructor with a lot of patience and I felt comfortable and at ease during my lessons. And passing first time with only 4 minors! Something I never thought I could do.. Couldn’t recommend you enough!!

Hollie – Fakenham

With Nicks help, I was able to pass first time. He is very patient and skilled in his profession. I would highly recommend him.

Dom – Dereham

Well Done!

Freya – North Elmham

Well Done!

Lizzy – Gateley

I passed with Nick just before going to uni and did a Pass Plus course with him as well. He’s an excellent teacher, very calm and patient, and very thorough at prepping you for your test and for driving in the real world.

Sam – North Elmham

Thanks to Nick’s continuous support throughout my driving lessons, I was able to conquer my anxiety and passed my test! Thank you for your incredible patience and your confidence in getting me though my test. Nick teaches at a very high quality and is always kind and friendly. I would definitely recommend him, especially to anyone who has anxiety or is just a little nervous to start learning to drive.

Thanks for everything Nick!

Chloe – Fakenham

Thankyou very much for your time and patience teaching me to drive and successfully pass my driving test. I and husband are very grateful.. Thankyou again..

Jocyccah – Dereham

Well Done!

Holly – Dereham

Thanks so much for all the support and advice throughout my lessons, which gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a great instructor.

Gennie – Foulsham

Well Done!

Natasha – Holt

Well Done!

Jac – Swanton Novers

Nick is a great driving instructor. It took me a while for me to get to grips with certain aspects of driving, but thanks to his patience and instruction, I kept improving. The fact that lessons could be started from my house made things much easier. I’m absolutely buzzing after passing my test, and I am grateful to Nick for giving me the skills necessary to achieve this.

James – Mileham

Well Done!

Alec – Watton

Hi Nick…..Just to say a huge thankyou for being a great instructor and helping me pass first time!

Clare – Swanton Morley

Well Done!

Ted – Whissonsett

Hey Nick… Just like to say that I found you to be reliable and professional. You made my lessons both safe and fun.

Dafydd – Yaxham

Well Done!

Samantha – Melton Constable

Thank you so much for teaching me how to drive and to pass my test! Your patience and support throughout my lessons with you has been fantastic. I now have so much more independence and freedom. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is considering driving lessons, you’re a fab instructor.

Siobhan – Dereham

Thank you Nick!

I passed first time thanks to you. I have had a few instructors and I wasn’t getting anywhere but then I found you. Your calm friendly manner helped me relax and learn. I don’t think I could have done it without you!

Katie – Swaffham

Hi Nick.. A huge thank you for all your patience in training me to drive. Nick I feel you have taught me a life skill and opened up so many new possibilities for me. If anyone is in doubt which instructor to choose. Nick is your man, he teaches you to drive, not to just pass your test. Thanks again Nick!

Theresa – Stibbard

Thank you so much Nick for building my confidence to learn to drive and never giving up on me. A very kind, patient driving instructor. If you are a nervous driver you couldn’t find a better instructor. I Would highly recommend you. See you on the open road Nick and thanks again.

Deanne – Fakenham

Thankyou so much Nick. You are a great instructor. I would never have got though it without you… One Minor! Still cannot believe it. Anyone wanting an intensive course or just lessons… Nick is your man!!

Thank you for giving me my independence.

Elaine – London

Well Done!

Angela – Mattishall

Just to say a big thankyou for teaching me to drive. Your patience and support have been fantastic.

Rob – Fakenham

I don’t think I would have got back behind the wheel if it was’t for Nick. He adapts to your needs and way of learning to suit you. He will listen and takes on board of any worries or anxieties and puts you at ease. He certainly has patience for sure, as I Know I tested him a few times. So if you are nervous or very anxious learner then I really do recommend Nick. One of the nicest guys I know.

Sharn – Swaffham

A great learn to drive experience. Very patient, friendly approach. Instruction second to none. would highly recommend this driving school.

Paul – Dereham

Well Done!

Ollie – Brisley

Well Done!

Rowan – Dereham

Well Done!

Cheyenne – Dereham

Well Done!

Holly – Fakenham

I would like to say a BIG thankyou to Nick at N.D.T for teaching me everything me I needed to get me through my test. He hasn’t just given me the ability to drive he has given me freedom and confidence.

Kriston – Dereham

Thank you so much Nick!

I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. you was always patient , calm and encouraging, which put me at ease and helped build up my confidence. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is slightly nervous like I was.

Thank you so much for being such a great instructor!

Amy – Necton

Thank you so much for all your patience and advice while learning to drive, I wasn’t the most confident at first but with your help I have been able to gain confidence needed to pass!.

You would be my first recommendation to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Tom – Mattishall

Well Done!

Sophie – North Elmham

Hi Nick… Just thought I’d drop you a line to say how grateful I am for getting me though my test. I have to say that as an existing driver who wanted to upgrade from a automatic licence to a manual it was all a bit daunting, but you was very reassuring and patient.

You definitely get my recommendation.

Dave – Old Beetley

Thank You Nick for being such a great instructor and helping me pass my test. Its Such a great feeling! You were always so patient and supportive towards me and that really helped increase my confidence on the road. I would highly recommend you to others looking for a great driving instructor and look forward to doing a pass plus.

Louisa – Bradenham

I would highly recommend Nick Long as you driving instructor. As a older and nervous pupil I found Nick an extremely patient and very calm instructor, who was always full of encouragement and stayed very focused. I can not thank him enough for getting me though my lessons and passing my test. Nick is a exceptionally gifted instructor.

Many Thanks Nick!

Jackie – East Bilney

Well Done!

Charlotte – North Elmham

Dear Nick.

Thankyou. You are a very kind and patient instructor. You enabled me to pass first time!

Being a more mature student you helped me so much.

Kind Regards

Jill – Hunworth nr.Holt

I can highly recommend Nick of NDT. As in my experience I found Nick to be patient, calm and consistent. He guided me though the whole learning to drive experience.

David – Watton

Well Done!

Matthew – North Elmham

Massive thanks to Nick for teaching me how to drive! I always found driving to be a chore and just couldn’t get to grips with the gears, and after several miserable attempts over the years with other driving schools it didn’t leave me with much hope. Then I found NDT and went for it in the automatic and WOW what a difference!

Nick is a brilliant instructor with great teaching methods. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of learning this time around. Thanks to Nick I passed First time. I would highly recommend NDT to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Ellie – Dereham

Thank you for not only teaching me to pass my test, but actually teaching me to drive! I was always very nervous to start driving as it has never been something that comes naturally to me, but you really built up my confidence!

Top Bloke!!

Dom – North Elmham

Well Done!

Andrew – Dereham

Changing driving schools to NDT was the best decision I could have made. He was calm, patient and encouraging which really aided my confidence, which meant I made progress far quicker than I had before.

I went for my test feeling fully prepared and managed to pass first time. I would thoroughly recommend NDT if you are currently deciding on a driving school.

Maddie – Old Beetley

Well Done!

Jack – Old Beetley

Well Done!

Kieran – Kings lynn

Well Done!

Niki – Kings lynn

Just wanted to thankyou, because without your kindness and patience I wouldn’t have learnt to drive in the first place let alone drive all over the country doing a fantastic job!

I will always appreciate what you did for me.

Claire – Wendling

Learning to drive an automatic with NDT was the best decision I could’ve made. Nick was very kind and patient with me as I wasn’t the quickest learner. He was consistently great from my first lesson right through to my test which I passed first time. I was so nervous about learning to drive, but Nick really put me at ease.

Abigail – North Tudenham

Thankyou very much for teaching me to drive. It’s only through your kindness and support I gained the confidence to continue to drive.

Thank you very much.

Alison – Holt

I would defiantly recommend Nick to anyone considering driving lessons. Nick helped me learn everything I needed to know and made me confident on my theory and practical test with only 3 minors.


Zoe – Fakenham

Hi Nick… Just wanted to say thank you for teaching me how to drive. You were both patient and kind. Even though I had to learn how to drive on the left side of the road I still passed first time! So thankyou for that.

I would recommend you to any one who wants to learn how to drive safety.

Marte – Billingford prev. Norway

Thanks to your patient efforts I managed to pass my test and get some freedom in my life!!

Andrew – Bodham nr.Holt

Nick is a great instructor who I would now consider as a friend. Not only have you got me through the test but also driving on a daily basis with my children. I never thought I would have the confidence to do it. Friendly and reliable and definitely highly recommended to anyone who asks me about learning to drive.

Thankyou for getting me on the road!

Amy – Dereham

Thanks for teaching me not only to drive but also to love driving! I’ve hardly spent a day at home since passing, and with no problems.

Medina – Billingford

Moving to Norfolk after 40 years of driving in the USA and facing many challenges on UK roads was an initial nightmare. After just a few lessons with Nick my nightmare turned into a dream and I’m loving driving again!

Thank You!

Cheryl – Worthing Nth.Elmham

Nick is a first rate driving instructor. Living in a small village meant I had to travel to Norwich for my lessons with one of the area’s big driving schools and I was frustrated with my lack of progress. When I realised I had been given a trainee instructor I switched to to Nick’s Driver Training (NDT) and it was the best thing I could have done. For a start he was willing to come out to where I live meaning lessons didn’t take up a whole day. His patience and calmness were in stark contrast to what I had previously experienced, and I really wish I had found him when I first started learning to drive. I’d like to thank you Nick for getting me through my test and helping me gain the independence that driving brings.  Cheers!

Neil – Blakeney