We offer several different options to help get you on the road.

Learning to drive can be a worrying time for some people. Obviously you will be feeling a little nervous or at least a bit apprehensive the first time that you drive.

Don’t worry… All driving lessons are structured to suit the ability of the pupil and work at pace that keeps you as relaxed as possible.

Nick will always encourage you to move on to the next stage, but will never push you if you are not happy to.

The important thing is to keep you relaxed, which will help you to learn, which in turn will keep you happy.

Weekly Lessons

The most popular option as it spreads the cost over a period of time and allows for a more comprehensive and relaxed learning environment.

Lessons are usually two hours in length and are normally carried out weekly. Although you can have more than one lesson a week if diary space permits. Lessons normally start in your local area, once your ability and confidence grow you will start to travel further afield to cover areas that contain different learning environments to broaden your experience, including the test areas of Kings Lynn and/or Norwich.